Forest Lake Screensaver

Forest Lake Screensaver

Forest Lake Screensaver will take to an evergreen forest

Would you like to visit a beautiful lake deep in a forest? Forest Lake Screensaver will take you to an evergreen forest.
This beautiful screensaver will allow you to feel totally relaxed. Imagine being at the edge of a huge lake with crystal clear water. You will be able to enjoy the view of trees, mountains, and even a majestic waterfall in the distance. The image is just awesome. If it is not a real photograph, I don’t know how they have achieved it. The scene is so realistic that you will probably want to take a dip in the cool water of the lake.

Forest Lake Screensaver includes great sounds too. You will be able to listen to birds chirping, as well as the soft movement of the water. This is the perfect place to really relax and forget about your job and daily routine. I’m sure that if you can’t relax with this screensaver, you can’t relax with anything. The quality of the image is absolutely great.

However, something I don’t like very much about it was the fact that there is only one scene all the time. The gorgeous image of the lake and its surroundings stay on your screen the whole time, motionless, except for the movement of the ripples. This effect is really awesome though. It looks totally real.

You will surely enjoy watching this screensaver for hours. You might even have to ask someone to remind you to go back to work.

Fernando Soni
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  • Really beautiful
  • Great sound


  • Only one scene
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